Who is our biggest enemy

Fight Amongst Ourselves To Grow

What does it mean when we say we “Fight Amongst Ourselves”?  It’s not that we are physically beating ourselves, but we are mentally doing it. We are our biggest enemies, and we fight amongst ourselves more than anyone else.  However there is a way to stop the war and come to a solution. “A Successful man Read more about Fight Amongst Ourselves To Grow[…]

Wrong Ways to Smile

Wrong Ways to Smile In Taking Care Of Others

Did you know there are wrong ways to smile?  Have your emotions run wild when you are taking care of others and all you seem to be able to do is smile?   It is an emotional response that takes over?    Through my life I learned how to smile.  For me it comes naturally Read more about Wrong Ways to Smile In Taking Care Of Others[…]

Finding Peace with Care Giving

6 Ways to Improve Care-giving and Find Peace

Do you know there are ways to improve care-giving and find peace in what you do?  Knowing this helps when it’s not your choice to be the care-giver! Caretaking is stressful, how can you improve it and find a little peace along the way?  When caretaking has been put upon you by need not want, Read more about 6 Ways to Improve Care-giving and Find Peace[…]


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