Thoughts Got You Down | Act Like Today Is Your Day

Act Like Today Is Your Day

Thoughts got you down? Don’t feel like today is your day, you just have to act like it is.  In other words “Act Like Today Is Your Day”!

I have talked about this in my last webinar before on how your thoughts can change you.  But it really isn’t just your thoughts.  You can think and think, but until you act upon those thoughts, nothing is going to change.

Thinking Today is Your Day

Let’s refresh…  

Whatever seems to be on your mind that you thought could have gone differently.  It bothered you, so you keep talking about it.  When this happens you need to stop, become aware and write it down.   When you learn to do this and practice it often, you’d be amazed at what you discover about yourself and how your thoughts run your life and control your actions.  


You are not your name, but you have one! 

You are not your title, but you have one! 

You are not your personality, but you have one! 


You are not your thoughts, but you have them! 


They make up the components of who you can be; but you really are just an observer of the things around you, and how you play them out.  We can be whoever we want to be – under one condition!  We need to act upon it.


 “We cannot be who we want to be if we continue to think we are who we’ve always thought we were and who we’ve always been”

When Your Don’t Feel like Today Is Your Day

You change your life by doing,not just thinking.  For instance, you may get inspiration and ideas all day long, yet if you don’t act on them, your day will end up the same.

“We become just by performing just actions, Temperate by performing temperate actions, brave by performing brave actions” Aristotle

Let’s put this into perspective…

I will give you an example of something I have had to do.  I had to change so many things in my life after my husband passed.  A new home, a new set of friends, and now thinking of retiring on my own.   

Life changes, but it is very scary.  How do you move on and step that far out of your comfort zone. ALONE?

Your thoughts can pull you down or “when you act like today is your day”, you start to surprise yourself with what you are capable of doing.  In other words, doing gets you doing what you need to do, of course.  

New Way To Act

When you do this enough, your mind thinks it is the new normal and you start to think you can do more.  Hence, changing your thoughts!

Using our imagination and learning to observe, we can be anything or anybody we want. But, when you remain unaware of your thoughts, you repeat the same patterns and become a prisoner of your own mind.  

 A thought can be very powerful and can lead the way for you to find your strength.

Where does strength come from?  A stronghold on life and the things around us can stir you in many ways. Finding the strength inside will pull you toward your journey from your pain and struggles to growing solutions in every corner.  

You don’t have to feel like today is your day, you just have to act like it.

Keep smiling



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