How To Make Things Fun From Difficult

How To Make Things Fun From Difficult

Make things fun from difficult, all comes down to the rewards.   For instance, what is the benefit that you can get from the difficult situation?

There are two basic types of motivation.

  1. reward motivation
  2. Fear motivation

Fun from Difficult with reward motivation

Giving people tiny rewards can motivate them to put more effort into their work, a new study has found. Research published in the Academy of Management Learning and Education looks at how rewarding students with a small amount of credit for extra work can encourage them to engage better with online courses.

There are many kinds of rewards.  For instance, think of things you like to do?  It can be as simple as enjoying a laugh from a good movie.

Other examples are having a night out with friends, or learning a new skill.  Taking a day off for no reason at all.  How about a guilt-free nap?  Buying that thing you always wanted.   You know the feeling you have.  Flying high and no one can stop you.

Fun from Difficult from the fear motivation

The most powerful motivator of all is fear.  It keeps us alive, because if we survive a bad experience, we never forget how to avoid it in the future. Our most vivid memories are born in fear.

The way to use fear as a motivator and make fun from the difficulties is to first make yourself uncomfortable and then learn to turn it around.   Hence, when you do that often enough you will always know how to get out of bad situations and the fun will always be around the corner.

How to make things fun from difficult boils down to a choice.  It is looking at the problem in a new light,  choosing what to do and then rewarding yourself when it turns around.

Keep smiling.



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