Reflect On Your Honest Self To Be Free

Reflect On Your Honest Self To Be Free

Reflect on your honest self to be free to see the true you.  In other words, release the things that are holding you down and you will feel lighter and more open with the world.

Self Reflect

Self reflection is a mental process.  I talk a lot about mindset and how you can shape you life around it.  Today I want you to look inside and back at you.  For instance, reflecting back what you see to interpret what is going on between learning and thinking.

A reflection is a process of exploring and examining your honest self.  The best way I found to do that is in writing. If you don’t have something from your past to look at, then you don’t have anything but memories to look upon.  Memories can change from what they mind wants you to remember. A great way to start is to journal, blog or just find the poems for the day that show your feelings.

We want to look at self reflect as reflecting on one’s self for the purpose of change.  However you do it you need to examine it for a structure and use what you have found to plan change moving forward.

In Tune with your Honest Self

By writing it down or journaling you can use this in three steps to improve upon every day.  It is important and will give you a clear, focused idea of who you are today, and who you want to be tomorrow.

  1.  Reflect on your experiences.  View your thoughts of what you see.
  2. Analyze your experiences.  Compare them to your past and see if that is where you want to keep going.
  3. Apply these changes or emphasize more on your strengths.

When you reflect on your honest self you are looking inwards.  Doing this more and more everyday you will start to become aware of who you are and change what you don’t like. Knowing yourself and actually seeing what you did can be so different.

Reflection is key

Reflection is key to improving your skills and habits that form your day.  Starting anything new requires you to reflect on things you need to improve on or grow from.  Especially if you are going in a new direction.  That requires you to have a baseline from a reflection.

One key to your reflection is to ask yourself why you care.   This will work on your self improvement and give you an appreciation for what is good and what is needed to be improved on.  It makes you grateful to rediscover you and connect again to parts of yourself you may have forgotten.

Smile While you Reflect

Reflect on your honest self and you will be free to see the true you.  Hence, smile and release the things that are holding you down and you will feel lighter and more open with the world.

Keep smiling



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