Defining Sacrifices Doesn’t Define Life

Defining Sacrifices Doesn’t Define Life

Defining sacrifices in life doesn’t have to define where you go during or after. In other words, knowing what you are working for will help you through.

Does your sacrifice define you?

Letting your sacrifice define you or run your life is a way of bowing down to it.  We all will make sacrifices in life, however when we get stuck on one or two we have stopped growing.  We stop moving forward and that is not what life is all about.   

When life has given you troubles, most of us rarely stop to think.  We just deal with it  as it comes.   Let’s put this to some thought.  

What defines a sacrifice!   Is it an atonement to something,  so dramatic and devastating to take something away?   Was it a deduction in something that happened to you for against you?  Is it a discount of an event or way of life?  All of these can seem to mean the same thing, but with different results.

Is Your Sacrifice Defining Resentment

When you are little, people would always ask, or they did me anyway, “what do you want to do when you get older?”   This seemed to set our minds thinking of where we would see ourselves in the future.  Nothing was stopping us, so we said that over and over.

Now we look back at all we have done.  Did you become what you set out to do?   Life doesn’t always run the way we think, but most of it is a choice.  A choice to deal with it or run away.   

“You can not cross the Ocean unless you lose sight of the shore”

Despite the circumstances around us, resentment isn’t a pretty emotion to sit upon, however, it is hard to avoid many times over.  Life doesn’t seem fair or you might think, why is this happening to me?

Learning to become aware of how you feel and how you want to feel, then making a positive choice to go toward the latter, the resentment will ease.

Ask these questions:

Is everything you are doing necessary?

Are you trying to establish control over an uncontrollable situation?

Defining Success

Now is the time to turn those sacrifices around and look at the success.  For instance, there are always two sides to things and when one is turned over it can look totally different.  

Let’s lessen the burden of the sacrifice by leaving no stone unturned till help or a solution of change appears.   

Finding this balance in your life will clear the path to define where you go during or after.  Hence, let us make the most of what life gives us.  Sacrifices or successes.

Keep Smiling


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