Establish The Silent Battles To Win

Establish The Silent Battles To Win

We all have battles to conquer, but first let’s establish the silent battles to win.  Hence, we need to be aware that they are happening and choose to do something about it.

Silent battles are ones we fight in our own heads,  they might be a way of thinking or feeling.  They might be a way we act toward something.   If you feel you beat yourself up afterwards then these are the battles we need to learn how to win.

Find Triggers To Silent Battles

Do you know what a trigger is?  A trigger is something that set off the battle, for instance an action by someone else, or those little pet peeves that drive you mad.   

Many things can start a battle inside of you that will send you on the path of destruction.  We need to list them and learn to adjust or modify them so our battle doesn’t begin.

Calm your battle in 5 minutes

All it really takes is 5 minutes to calm a battle.  Sit still and close your eyes every time you feel that trigger.   Talk to it, find out why it came and then have your brain search for an answer.   This will help you start to win more of these so called silent battle, hence you will feel more alive again.

Set up Accountability for Each Silent Battle

There are many ways you can win these battles.  Having an accountability is one.   This can be something or someone checking in on you to see how it is going.  

>>> Start a journal and then reread it every week to see your progress.  

>>> Ask a friend to help,  for instance, a neighbor or someone outside of your immediate family who doesn’t see you on a daily basis.

Reward yourself 

We all like to win and with that comes a reward.   When we reward ourselves for our wins, then it makes us work harder at winning.    Start a list of the things you like, you know the special things and then when you win over your battles and come to terms with others, then you can reward yourself.

Try to choose things that you normally wouldn’t just go and get, so that it makes you really pleased with your progress when you win.

Adjust for each Battle Win

It can be easy to fall back, so with each win or battle found, do some adjusting to your trigger list and the rewards you give.  That way you will always be moving in the direction you truly want to go.

Don’t give in,  establish the silent battles to win and learn how to grow within to be strong on the outside.  Wear your scars with pride, just remember you are a fighter. 

Keep smiling



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