How Can Mindfulness Ease Your Pain

How Can Mindfulness Ease Your Pain


How can mindfulness ease your pain.  It is actually quite simple, for all it takes is for you to make a choice. Hence,  changing your way of thinking.


Changing Your Way of Thinking


Changing your thinking takes practice and a good way to do that is to meditate.  Ok,  probably turned some of you off, but meditation is always just about sitting with your legs crossed and humming.   


Think of meditation as sitting somewhere peaceful and letting your brain go quiet.  For instance focusing on what you are thinking and calming it down to concentrate on one thing.  That clears out the noise and the worries and the pain.


You want a great way to practice this?  Then go to my daily mindset plan  here.


Finding your mindfulness anchor


A mindfulness anchor is something that helps you focus.   A lot of people focus on their breathing.   Many counselors will start their sessions with a breathing exercise for stress and anxiety makes you hold your breath.  There for your body thinks it is having problems and things just escalates from there.    


Another way is to count or repeat a certain mantra that calms you.   Being calm will help your mind work better when trying to solve a problem.


Learning to anchor will help you stay focused on the things you want to work through.  Hence, breath or count.


I have found that getting a good cup of tea and sitting on the porch just staring at nothing in particular will ease my pain and clear my thoughts.  This shows how your own mindfulness can work.


Listening to you thoughts


Listen to what you are thinking.  Does it make sense or bring out more questions.  Clearing your thoughts so mindfulness can bring solutions which can show you better answers.  For instance, your brain can stop you more than anything else.


Sometimes listening is just focusing on your surroundings.   Listen for the sounds that fill your day, maybe that is something that needs changed for you to ease your pain.  


Don’t Sabotage your thinking


Just because you think you are not good at meditating or staying focused, doesn’t mean that it did you no good.   I don’t always get the answers I was looking for, but I feel better just because I took some time to relax and breathe.  However,  getting some alone time and being able to think clear will do all of us some good.   


Check out some of the guides I have put together for you to get you started on your journey.  


How can mindfulness ease your pain? All it really takes is for you to see it and change your way of thinking.  


Keep smiling



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