Do you Get Trapped in What You Hear

Do You Get Trapped in What You Hear

Do you Get Trapped in What You Hear?  Have you ever been in a situation where you just get dumb founded and get trapped in what you hear?  However, your words are hard to express in what’s going on around you.  

We as humans get caught up in the self pity, the unfairness of life or the “why me?” These are traps that are thrown our way.  In other words, we fail to recognize the opportunities for wisdom and growth from these lessons.

Through my travels into the unknown I made a decision.  Gather all the information I possibly could from what I was dealing with and made it a goal that every day I would learn something new.  Hence, to be aware of what I hear.

Let’s start looking at what we all could do right now to not let our words fail from the things we hear. For instance,  our trap is a little bit like  “have you done that?”  Vs “did you do that?”

Draw a Line Around Your Trap:  

Mark a spot of where you were and where you want to be.  Use this mental break to give yourself new courage and enthusiasm for the healing process.  Decide now, that you are going to do your best to break away from patterns and never give up trying

Learn From What You hear

Finding those who have previously been down the same rabbit hole are the best people to give you advice and a helping hand.  Go forth and look around, and learn what others are doing.  See the patterns of success, there is no need to be trapped without tools for survival.

Try Everything

Make your own decisions.  If you do not do your own research and find things that work, you will never truly find a solution that gives you an answer.   

The solution may not be something you would have ever considered, yet if you hadn’t started the search it would have never appeared.   Hence,  the answer will never come if you stop looking for it.


Let Go of What You Hear

You need to let go of the blame, the resentment, and the anger of what you hear.  However, justify that you feel this way and know it is only holding you back.

Forgiving yourself is possibly the hardest part of letting go.  Yet, it is one of the most beneficial things you can do.  Move forward from a trapped mind and change you thinking.  Be patient and kind with what you hear and think about your anger and sadness for these things can be changed.   For instance, “Don’t look back for you are not going that way!” 

Do What Works 

This might sound simple, but do you do it?  You wish things were different, yet bury your hands in the sand or numb yourself to not feel.   Remember we need to create our goals and always keep them in our mind.

Do what works and if you do this long enough, you will forget how you did it before and your trap will be behind you.  For instance, be mindful of where you are right now!

Change How You Hear and Think

The only permanent solution to our traps is to change the mind that creates them.  It may not be your fault, but it is your responsibility to work on the way you think if you want to be free.  

Watch what you are feeding your mind.  Don’t get trapped in what you hear.  Learn to use it wisely and you will overcome any problem, not matter how serious it seems.  


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