Lessons to move on from caregiving, will it happen?

Lessons to move on from caregiving, will it happen?


What lessons to move on from caregiving can we learn?  For one; We never really will, we will always be a caregiver in some sort of way.  The world can be a challenging time, yet with viruses and diseases it is even more to think about.  Those don’t care about our status, money, or fame, spreading from state officials to famous actors to your neighbor across the street.   

You will never stop being a caregiver.  


Does your life change that much when you add more?  For instance, when someone has cancer, do you treat it any different?  Some will, but you need to learn from it and add it to your source of knowledge.


Sometimes I feel things haven’t changed.  I still have the worry, sadness and confusion as I did before.  The stress of the unknown isn’t new to me, no matter what I go through.


Lessons to move on


What I learned early in my journey, is to stay informed.  Stay away from the drama and negativity and do some inner work to stay balanced and calm.  For instance, learn how to keep yourself moving.


Move on to appreciate


If you end up being homebound, choose to be happy.  The lesson to move on in your life is to be thankful you are home and not at war.  There are so many things we seem to take for granted and don’t think about it till you can’t do it or it passes you by.  


Life is about doing more all the time,  it is about being.  Being in the present and appreciating all that is around us.  There is a quote that I love:


“Yesterday is history, 

Tomorrow is a mystery,

Today is a gift from God, that is why it’s called the present.”

Are things easier when in the “NOW”?


Life seems to never go as planned.  There are obstacles and unpredictable corners everywhere.  Your plans can change any minute and you need to be prepared.  In other words, you need to be open and welcome to change.   Learn to adjust and take each thing as a less to move on in life.  You never know when the next thing will be the key you really needed.  


You wear many hats, and at the end of the day, so what lessons to move on from caregiving can we learn? 



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