Never Give Into Weakness of The Mind

Never Give Into Weakness of The Mind


Never give into weakness of the mind.  For instance, there are ways the mind can control your weakness and pull it from your strength.


I will be sharing ways that you can learn your strength and stand against the weakness that your mind creates.   Hence,  don’t let your mind take over.  


Ignoring the weakness of natural inclination


Your mind is like a computer.  It likes making calculations and running the odds.   Therefore, it can talk you out of doing things because that is the logical way of doing it.  


But unlike your mind that follows your past, being spontaneous and taking action can show it that the natural inclination can be pretty good.  That is all called not listening to the little voice inside your head and going by the seat of your pants.  


The weakness of the mind can be overturned by not thinking and just doing.


Weakness is always saying YES


How often do you want to say NO, yes seem to do it anyway?   You might not realize how many till one day you wake up from your overload and wonder what the heck you are doing.  


Your mind doesn’t realize that saying “NO” isn’t a big deal,  Not only is it your right to do as you desire, it benefits everyone around you when you do.  


Never Give In 


One weakness we seem to have is needing approval.  It is only natural for us to want this, because our schooling has been to get that “A” or do the best and then make sure everyone sees it.


By checking your phone or email over and over again can be dangerous.  In other words, it takes you away from the present moment and adds to your worry if others don’t respond.  Set a time up to check and then put it away for a while.  See what happens, you might be surprised.


Weakness Comes When You Feel You Failed


If you mind senses that you are following the rules it might regard them as failure.  You start to blame yourself and become very negative about it.   


Turn the tables on your thoughts by accepting how you are, no matter how you are, which in turn is the most loving and genuine thing you can do for yourself.  


Want to know more about how to handle your feelings.  Catch this blog on “How to Show An Attitude That Is Truly Inspiring”.  


Never give in to weakness of the mind for you are still in control, you just have to teach yourself something new.


Keep Smiling



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