7 Secrets on a Disconnect Between Your Mind and Body

How There is a Disconnect Between Your Mind and Body When You Are Worrying

How there is a disconnect between your mind and body when you are worrying can be corrected by these 7 things.

Fear does not stop death.

It stops life.

And worrying does not take away tomorrow;s troubles.

it takes away today’s peace.

1. Be present in your mind and body

Worrying is mainly about the future.  Living in the future makes it hard to notice what is going on around you today.  Be in your present moment and learn to be in tune with your emotion and acknowledge your worry.

Learn to feel it and help it. = Reaching out.
Allow yourself to have it, own it. = Allowing it is expecting it and believing it will happen.
Allowing it is letting it be = letting it come for you and be how you want it.
Not running away from it, and not blocking it out. Allowing yourself to experience pain and using it as a powerful learning tool.

I have some amazing tools to help.

2. Exercise for your body to reconnect your mind

When you keep your body moving it creates serotonin, a “happy” chemical.  This alone reduces stress.  Hence when you exercise your mind will concentrate on your muscles and you will have a reconnection between your mind and body.

Exercise reduces anxiety levels, for instance when you go for a walk or dance a little you find it all working together to find solutions.

3. Establish worry time

You need to reconnect your worry time.  So now is the time to establish when you will worry.   Set aside a time to think.  For instance, use this time to write what you are feeling down and bring it all to the surface.   Use this worry time as productively as possible to find solutions for your problems.

As thoughts of worry come into your mind, you can say “its not time for that”.  Then when the time comes to reflect, you will have most likely forgotten what you were worrying about in the first place.

4. Compile a list

List out your worries and mark them solvable or unsolvable.   Some will need to be identified and given solutions.  Others need to be acknowledged and released.   Don’t swell on these ideas because they don’t improve the quality of your life and there is really nothing you can do about it.  Move on!

5. Busy yourself to stop disconnect

This is when you might need to force yourself to work on something while you’re worried.  This can make your worried thought go away.   The key is to occupy your hands or your mind in a task that requires your concentration.   Hence, it makes your mind and body reconnect and work together.   You’ll surrender your worry in a matter of moments.

6. Disconnect to reconnect

One way to stop the disconnect between the mind and body is to meditate.  Yes, clear your mind of negative thinking and come in turn with what it is that you truly are feeling.  In other words, work on clearing it out to calmly analyze what you need or can do.

Another way to fight the disconnect between your mind and body is to disconnect from your phone and the internet.  Look at the world around you and listen for nature to give you peace.

7. Create a distraction

Change your direction and look to people around you.  Strick up a conversation about an off the wall topic.  This forces your mind to invest in an external thought rather than in internal emotion.  Hence, you attention will shift away from your worries.

A disconnect between your mind and body when you are worrying doesn’t have to consume your day or your life.  Use these 7 things to help reconnect you with the world around you.

keep smiling



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