Tips on Giving Yourself Permission

Tips on Giving Yourself Permission


What are some tips on giving yourself permission and how can you apply them to your everyday life.  Actually, stop asking everyone else and start asking yourself.


We get stuck in life and wonder why, yet if you haven’t started to examine it, you may never know what you can actually have or even do.  Hence, you will just keep wondering.


Giving Yourself Permission


Falling into the ways of the world can get us trapped in patterns we think we need to follow.  Things will show up in your marriage, your work and your other relationships. Are you afraid to step out?  Do you feel guilty when you do something for yourself? It is impossible to to be who you really are if you need to ask permission first.


Here are a few things to help you start letting go and giving yourself permission.   Turn your super traits on and pointed toward you. Test the waters and say “this is me, what do you think?”  In other words, just be yourself and make yourself smile.   


Another way to give yourself permission is to trust yourself.   You know you can make good choices. You are the only one who really knows what you think.


Permission Comes From You


Growing up we were taught to ask before we could do something.  That is good to learn manners, yet as we grow and become adults, thinking we need to ask permission is only needed from one place.  You and You alone. Give yourself permission to take breaks, to be lazy on Sunday afternoons.  


Give yourself permission to laugh and make mistakes.   Let yourself go on adventures and fill your lifelong dreams.  If you have failed you have permission to try again and even have fun doing it.   No need to ask others how you feel, do they really know without you telling them anyway?


Start Giving Permission Where Needed


Permission to step out of your comfort zone and be imperfect will guide you to new places and adventures.   Isn’t that what life is all about? Move on or pivot if you don’t like that direction.


Learn to be creative and find a passion.   Start a new business, make more money and smile a lot.  No one can stop you when you know you have permission. So give yourself permission and enjoy all that you can do.   


The next time you feel like you have to ask someone else permission for something you need, look in the mirror and ask.  Then say “Permission Granted!”

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