Healing Grief With Acceptance Of A New Reality

Healing Grief With Acceptance of a New Reality

Healing grief with acceptance of a new reality is not being “all-right” or “OK” with what happened, it is accepting there is a new reality and that things will go down a new path.  For instance, we learn to live with a new normal, seeing that we cannot maintain the past. 

Acceptance does not mean that the person feels good or right about the loss.  Most will never feel OK about it or their own reality of death. Yet, we must readjust and learn to reorganize new roles and patterns.   

You will have good days and bad.  Healing grief with acceptance also does not mean forgetfulness;  It means we need to embrace the present. You begin to live again and enjoy life, though the feeling of betrayal or guilt will come.  

 We can’t replace what was lost, but we can create something new. Learn to listen to your needs, things change, we grow, we redecorate, and we evolve. We start to live again, but not until we have given grief the time it needs.

Everyone goes through grief differently. We all can bounce from one aspect back to another one but, when we learn how to grow it comes is a strengthening way. As it will help you heal the grief.  In other words, you will have a fuller life.  

Don’t rush this process for it does take time.

“We cannot solve our problems by the same way of thinking that created them”. Albert Einstein

Heal Grief By Knowing Yourself

Do you know where you are going or how to solve the problem ahead of you?  Staying positive and trusting that you can learn by listening to your own mind and quieting the world around you.  This will open many roadblocks, the resistance and a whole lot more. The more you do this the more you get out of it.  For instance, it is ok to show some vulnerability and weakness, that just makes us human.  

Some days are harder than others.  The thought of having to be alone and do what’s needed can be scary.   The wind was blowing hard and it was cold outside. What would happen if???  My strength had to come from within today, more so than other days. So, I turned to my own training to get my power.

Acceptance Embraces Responsibility

Only by searching and mining, are gold and diamonds obtained. When you dig deep into your inner soul, that shows you who you are, the mold of your life and the builder of your destiny. If you watch, control and alter your thoughts all of this will happen. 

Reaching out to others who can help can begin that mining.  Look around and listen, your answer will show itself. Embrace your loss and let others know your true feelings, that way they will know what you are thinking.  For some might not know what to say and will say the wrong thing.

“Strength will show up in many places, just be open to it when it does” Sandy Mangis

 There are three steps to acceptance of a new reality  


  1.   being yourself….


true thoughts,

true ideas. 

Is it part of your identity? 

Accepting who you are and liking it!


  1.   accepting the past and being ok with it. 


You can’t relive it so let it go!  Live each day to the fullest! A great affirmation that I say to myself every day is “control the things you can and release the things you cannot”. 


  1.   accepting what you can change and changing how you react to it.  Then release the things you cannot.


Acceptance of the pain from the past


What are the things in life, thoughts and actions that lead you?  Do they always seem to have a way of coming back? Mine did! They are like roller-coasters in life that go up and down and then can run out of control, before they start over again.



As you think and observe, and then become aware of those things, you will become amazed at why things happen. Oh, I know you have thought about it before, because I have.  But, do you know that most things are coming from something you did earlier? 


We get stuck in a rut or the “rat race” in which we call life and wonder why things never change.  Who is in control? Who is there to blame on your outcome? 



As I started to think about that, it dawned on me, that it was happening to me.  The same things were happening over and over again. If I wanted to change the outcome I needed to change the ideas and thoughts that started it all in the first place.  I wanted to grow differently.


Can something be done to change how things go throughout the day or week, or month, or life?  Want to know how I changed? Let me tell you, there are ways to get out of the rut. What answer can you come up with?   


………Do you have one yet?



The answer to that is YOU!!!  Yes YOU!!


You have the power to heal grief with acceptance of a new reality.  The acceptance that you will be OK and know that you can do more and be so much more, in other words,  accept it and move on. 


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