Does Caregiving Mold Thankfulness

Does Caregiving Mold Thankfulness

Does caregiving mold thankfulness in you or around you to be a different person or bring out other qualities, good or bad.  Hence, are you who you like or did it create a stranger!

I have come to know many caregivers through my journey and I will share with you how it molded me.  Caregiving brings on challenges that can turned you around and spins you like a top.

There can be no escape sometimes and you either go with it or just get swallowed up and spit back out.   

Caregiving Mold Looks Like

So, how does it change you …

It makes you humble

Makes you listen.

Creates your wonder

Helps you grow

Brings out new qualities

With the correct mold  you overcome your doubts because you have a choice that makes you continue.   Yet choices can be made from how easy it can be. For instance, checking each and every day for something new will arise your curiosity. 

Caregiving mold


A caregivers mold doesn’t happen over a short period of time, it has to be formed, pressed and set to take shape.   It will create who we are along the way.  In other words, molding the needs, yet not sacrificing who we are.  

Finding out the right balance to make things perfect is key to a good mold.   Each and everything in our life will mold us. Our job is to break from being stuck and create different shapes.   That is where your mindset will come into play.  

Your strength comes from within, whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come.  Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome ~ Unknown

Create a Perfect Mold

You need to start your day with a plan, finding a quiet corner and a pen and paper. This will help you truly get out of your mind what is truly needed.  A clear outline with a goal, and vision for what you need to do. This will avoid the whirlpool of chaos and you end up controlling it, not the other way around.

Find a piece of paper, preferably with lines, but whatever works for you.   Write down the things that are important to you that must get done, and then label the ones that are most important.  By doing this you will know what to work on and know where to direct yourself.  

Making it short will ensure that you get it done in a days’ time.  This will help with your mindset to keep at it, because it will make you feel accomplished.

Throughout the day, keep asking yourself if you’re doing what is needed to be done. In other words,  you may need to adjust or tweak to keep you on task. Is your focus being pulled away? 

Next, you need to make the list come alive. Set time frames. Start and finish times. Use a timer. You will be surprised at how much more productive you will be and how many things you really can do in a day. 

Let’s review your mold

Short list 

Quiet place

No technology 

Label your priorities 

Keep asking if you are doing what is needed.

Set time frames 

A caregiver’s mold needs to be task oriented and when you have a good plan to keep you going it makes it easier to stay ahead of the day and give you that smile you need to keep at it.  To learn more, check out my book. “The Ultimate Caregiver’s Mindset Survival Guide”.  

Does caregiving mold thankfulness?   I believe that it does and it shows us that we can be more thankful in all we do when we see the struggles of others.  Hence, give thanks to all as often as you can.

Keep smiling



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