Why Affirmations Change Your Life

Why Affirmations Change Your Life

I always wondered why affirmations change your life until I started really using them correctly and daily.   Now they are a big part of my morning routine. 

Affirmations help you to feel empowered and in control of your life. They reduce stress, tension, and anxiety. Saying affirmations help ground you and your thoughts to stay in tune with where you want to go and what you want to do. They boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

Affirmations Change How you Do Things

The use of affirmations relates back hundreds of thousands of years.  They have been used by many to set goals and change their thinking.  Hence, they are mini goals that produce big results.

Some say they are used to be a mindset trick in telling yourself things so you don’t forget.  However they have helped me through many things.

Here are some for you to ponder on.  

*** Being satisfied in the morning with loving kindness.  I feel content at the end of my day with peace.

***Hold your head up high and laugh at the days to come because fear does not have a home in me.

*** I have what it takes and strong enough to take on more.

***Using resources wisely and steward them well, for I do not fear success, but welcome the abundant increase of my resources.   

*** Being renewed daily helps me think thoughts higher than my natural thoughts: these thoughts are filled with light.

Or set your goals and create your own.   I know when I say I am OK with something or someone that angry feeling is gone.  In other words, what are some things that are bothering you that you wish would go away.

Changing Affirmations

Affirmations are normally sentences aimed to affect the conscious and the subconscious mind.  Set these us as you would talk to yourself of as is a mentor would help you.  For instance, they need to be felt and heard by you for you.

Each day we are bombarded by images, sounds, and people that can change how our brain thinks, but when we have the affirmations they can act like a filter for our brain. 

Saying things over and over, your mind will start to find ways for it to happen and when we fill it with the things we want, then we do what we want.  

Benefits of How Affirmations Change Your Life

With each affirmation we say to ourselves,  it becomes personal and meaningful. You take them to heart for these are things you truly want. 

Here are a few more to try:

***I deserve to be happy right now

***Whatever comes my way, I will handle it one step at a time.

***Trying hard to do my best, but I acknowledge my best is always changing.

*** Today, I will leave yesterday behind, and start fresh.

How affirmations change your life is all up to you, use them or not.  I had a rough time at it in the beginning, but now they are what sets up my day.


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