Why Second Guessing Leads To Becoming Hesitant

Why Second Guessing Leads To Becoming Hesitant


Why second guessing your day leads to becoming hesitant about tomorrow.  Dwelling on what might have been or the things we could have done differently.  


When my husband passed I feel sad for not holding his hand in the end.  I said my goodbyes yet, did I do enough. These kinds of fears can haunt you and keep you stuck, however you are reading this and I am going to share ways to break free.


What are we second guessing?


Are we second guessing because we are embarrassed or fearful?  These things come naturally, because they hide you from the future.   It’s an unknown that can never be answered.


You may feel embarrassed or fearful of being judged or wondering how to move on.  You have lost something and only you can get the right answer. However, where do you get the answer from?


Overcoming something where there is no answer doesn’t have to be that hard.   For example, have you ever challenged yourself to meet a goal? You are the only one that will know you made i t or not. If excuses come it is based on assumptions about how you might be treated in the future.  Are you embarrassed because You were judged before?


Is the guessing worth it


We can wonder for a long time about second guessing, but you really can’t overcome it if you don’t face it and consider how important it is to what you are doing and where you are going.  


If you are successful in reaching any goal you set, then you are making the struggle work it and any second guessing is already past.   Facing these insecurities allows you to wake up and get energized, ready to thrive again.


Verbalize your guess


To defeat your second guessing you need to verbalize it.  That brings it to the surface and let it out. When we do this it seems to diminish and not look like such a fear.  For instance, when we face our fears they don’t seem so scary.  


We stop second guessing the actions we are taking or have taken in the past.  Move yourself through your day smoothly.


Second guess your day less with each step you take and soon you will be walking along new pathways and looking forward to tomorrow.


Keep smiling



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