Denial Is One Step In A Process Of Life

Denial Is One Step In A Process Of Life

Denial is one step in a process of life or something deeper all together?  Having denial in a person is someone willfully oblivious to obvious facts.

There are mainly five steps we go through in the process of life and denial is just one step in the stage, with grief or anything that you are going through.  However knowing what helps and what hurts, sets us up for recovery and a chance to move on to the next step.  

One Step is Denial

We can call denial the second step in our walk, for it comes after the initial shock of an event. Our instincts are to protect ourselves by refusing to accept the truth about what is happening.  

In the short term it can be good, for it gives us time to adjust and gives our mind time to process and unconsciously absorb the shocking information.  You can be in denial about anything that makes you feel vulnerable or threatens your sense of control. However, if it turns long-term we need to recognize it and seek help.

Signs of Denial

*** You avoid talking about the issue.

It can be very unhealthy to keep it bottled up inside.  Changing the subject over and over will only give you a minute of ease.

*** Keep saying it will get better soon.

That is fine for a while, but if you are not showing what you promise or making the change then you are still just avoiding it.

*** Denial is different for everyone and blaming others or saying “They do it this way” is a sign

You need to ask yourself if their way is helping you move through.  What is it that you like or want to see?

*** Ignoring advice

I know not everyone’s advice is good for you, but take heed.  In other words, advice can be good to help you make up your mind and seek ways that will help you.  Be open to suggestions, you don’t have to follow all of them.

Moving In A Process

How do we move in a process to get past this step of denial?   Denial should only be temporary, yet it won’t change the reality of the situation.  

You might not be able to tell if denial is holding you back or not.  The strength of it can change over time depending on what and how you are handling it.   

Here are a few things to try

Honestly examine what you fear.

Think about the potential negative consequences of not taking action

Allow yourself to express your fears and emotions

Try to identify irrational beliefs about your situation.

Journal about your experience.

Open up to a friend

Be patient

Research options and face the facts

Disentangle your own ego

Don’t confuse it with giving up hope. 

Stop getting stuck in the denial phase, it is a step in a process.  Witness it, solve it, listen to it and move through it.


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