Don’t Walk In Their Shoes | Stumble In Yours

Don’t Walk In Their Shoes,  Stumble In Yours

In life we might think we know how others feel, think and act when situations come along, yet deep down we truly cannot walk in their shoes.

Let’s give this some thought.  I was married to my husband for 34 years and thought I knew him pretty good.  Knowing what his favorite food was and what he didn’t like, however he still surprised me when new things came up.

As we all wear shoes of different sizes and shapes and even if we put them on, they just don’t fit quite the same. However, it’s good we are different it keeps us on our toes.  

Being in a situation where we need to help others, this is one thing we need to be aware of.  When we stop and see where they are coming from and ask what they are thinking, that is truly the only way to get it right.

How big are their shoes

Everyone’s journey takes its own path and who are we to judge?  Have we walked their journey with them to see why the decisions are made or circumstances that might persuade them?  Maybe sort of, however not completely.

Turning this around, we all have to do what is right for us and fill our own shoes.  Therefore, understanding that others are there, yet we still can make our own choices as to where we go.

When our shoes are lost

When your wits are wrong and you get ahead of yourself, it seems like you lost those shoes.   Yet, when others are in pain and you are trying to help it can seem to be impossible. Their shoes are lost and without them others too have trouble helping.

It’s hard not knowing.  I guessed what was needed many times. It’s because of human nature to know what to do and where to go, otherwise we just start to panic and make all the wrong decisions.

Don’t try to walk in their shoes, just be there for others and stumble in yours to know that you are going in the right direction for your own shoes.


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