Ways To Stay Positive When Alone

Ways To Stay Positive When Alone

Here are ways to stay positive when alone and the world seems so far away.

Embrace optimism when alone

It isn’t just getting out there, it is how you approach it.  In other words, you need to create the right frame of mind.

It’s all about attitude when contacting others, move fear aside.  Share with them how you feel, chances are they feel the same. Showing a little vulnerability can help diminish the loneliness, plus others might appreciate the honesty.  So, get things out in the open for others can’t read your mind and know what you feel.

Cardiovascular Exercise to stay positive 

Yeah, I said the word… exercise.  Yet, when you are trying to stay positive it is a great way to get your body energized.  With this even if it were only 30 minutes the body releases endorphins which lifts your mood.   Feeling better helps that smile come through.  

What happens when you smile?    People get curious and they want to know what you are up to.   In other words, get your body moving and it will help you stay positive when alone.

Stay off social media 

Now a days when you are bored or alone, what is the first thing you do?  That is right, hop on Facebook.   Think about what you feed your subconscious every day? Did you know your subconscious feeds your heart? Do you want a healthy heart? Feeding it can come from many sources.

It can come from any of your surroundings, signs you see, picture you come across, from the books you read and from things you hear.

When you are feeding it good thoughts and inspiring it to grow, it will be strong and emanate throughout you; you will have a glow of happiness that everyone will want. People will smile at you more, they will want to be around you and feed off of you.

When you have a happy heart that is fed good things every day, it will help you see the passions that you have in your life.

Stay off it for a week, and challenge yourself to have a face to face conversation, you will be surprised how different it can be.  Or better yet, how rewarding it can be when you do say goodbye.

Stay positive by battling negativity 

For me this hit hard because I have been working on getting rid of the negativity around me. I want to feel confident and thriving. I do not want to be pulled down or shut off. I want to give it my all and see what I can achieve.

I am learning to fill my brain with good things and feed my soul with inspiration. This quote has shown me that what I see with my eyes can be different from what my heart wants.

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye

Be on guard against the pit of self-pity. When you are weary or unwell, this demonic trap is the greatest danger you face. Don’t even go near the edge of the pit. Its edges crumble easily, and before you know it, you are on the way down. It is ever so much harder to get out of the pit than to keep a safe distance from it. That is why I tell you to be on guard.

Get familiar with yourself 

Do you really know who you are and what you like?    If you don’t like who you know, that is the first thing you need to change in order to stay positive when alone.  Be your best friend.

Step out of your comfort zone 

Don’t be afraid to add something to the calendar that isn’t from your inner circle.

If you make plans, stick with it.   Your time is precious and it will pull you down by having to cancel.

Learn to stay positive when alone and your smile will always shine.


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