Look At Life Ahead To See Happiness

Look At Life Ahead

Look at life ahead to see happiness that can arise.  It was a sad time in our lives.  We had to choose to look forward and give our strength to something else.

The story I want to share with you today is one I shared with my mother in law.  We made the decision to stop fighting and give in to comfort, this was when my husband started his Hospice journey. 

Life Ahead Is A Tough Decision

It was a tough decision and a lot of emotions came too, however for us it was a decision that was needed.  My mother in law was taking it just as hard and was bringing her pillow and blanket to camp out on the couch.   In other words, be there under our feet.

I didn’t blame her it was hard for all of us to make this choice, but going for treatment every day and in the hospital doc he next was taking its toll.  There were many things we needed to say and share in this time of need, but to have someone else under foot was not going to happen.  

The day she arrived I met her and pulled her aside to have a calm chat, for we were all exhausted by then and were looking forward to just resting.  As we talked it made things clear to the both of us.  Life goes on. Even when others pass we still are here and need to live.  What are we going to do? How do we share the memory and pick up the pieces. 

I told her things looked bad but the end was not happening right now and it wasn’t known how long.  I promised her I would let her know, but sleeping on my couch was not good for any of us. They had given my husband two weeks for his symptoms we not good.   Once he was home and in a quiet, loving atmosphere, he lived a wonderful six more months. 

Look At Life To See Happiness

I will remember those times more than anything else for it was so special.   We talked and planned and shared what life was all about.

My mother in law still thanks me for that day for she started to see a new light and remember things she had forgotten,   life goes on and when we live for ourselves and find purpose we create happiness. 


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