Being Brave In The Face of Caregiving

Being Brave In The Face of Caregiving


Being brave in the face of caregiving can have its wonders, however let’s break down what being brave is all about.


Being Brave


Being brave is being Courageous, dauntless, perhaps a little bit daring, a person who is brave faces dangerous or difficult situations with courage.  Bravery comes from many characteristics we have within ourselves.  In other words, it is a sense of compassion when we put others first.  


When you learn to follow the unknown by following your intuition, by making decisions from your instincts you show your bravery.   


Being brave helps you step out of your comfort zone and master any adversity that comes along.


What is a brave person?


Being brave is forcing yourself to do something that terrifies you, from the person with stage fright who goes out and performs anyway.  In other words, they know who they are and what they really want.  


Bravery is being passionate about your beliefs and being consistent.   Otherwise, having a predictable behavior for others to see.  It is knowing the difference between right and wrong.  However, not just talking about honor, but living it and showing it by your actions.


Why should you be brave in caregiving?


Bravery is something that grows and develops throughout life. When you’re brave you begin to have faith in yourself and also more comfort in participating in new ways of living. Brave people show leadership and aren’t deterred by adversity.  They can handle things that come along and the day grows old.


If you have bravery you are willing to make tough decisions when they are presented in an open, honest and objective manner.  They smile at adversity and aren’t afraid of challenging the status quo to find answers.


Can you be brave without fear?


You can’t be brave without fear. If you weren’t afraid, you wouldn’t have to be brave.


Stand your ground and remember you can’t conquer what you will not confront.  Begin brave in the face of caregiving will help you become a stronger person all around.



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