Caregivers Job | Running A Good Team

Caregivers Job Is Running A Good Team

A caregivers job has to work like running a good team.  Learn to lead and make yourself valuable.  Making yourself valuable is all that hard, it just takes a few things to get you going.

What is a Valuable caregiver

First off, there are all different kinds of skills, however the most valuable is skillful language.   How you say things can make a big difference in their meaning.  There can be two meanings to the same word, or a different meaning depending on the rest of the sentence.  

Other useful skills are empathy and compassion.  Then you need patience for understanding. Also be flexible and trustworthy.  

Next is how you use those skills.  This is related to the labor and how you use it.  Skills multiply labor to two, five, 100, or more times.   Would you use a hammer or an ax to chop down a tree? When you find the right skills to do the job, your effort will be more valuable.  

A Caregivers Job is to Lead

Most people’s instinct is to know what is going on. Their want to be included and valued, so having everyone on the same page will make everyone smile.

Getting organized and planning your day is a great way to lead.   When you make decisions and stand behind them others will follow and know what to expect.  People need to know that you care about them and you want them to succeed in all they do. Learning to leverage their abilities will also make everyone smile.

Asking for input and listening will help you find the good answers to do your job better.  Give others time to share will bring you closer to the ones you care for. Be there for them to trust you and honor your lead.  Tell them you have their back, and then work hard to get that done.   

Finally celebrate all your wins, big or small for illnesses and disabilities need encouragement to do the best they can.  


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