Mental Self-Care Through Adversity

Mental Self-Care Through Adversity

Mental self-care through adversity is an important step to help you adjust and maintain composure through what is needed.  If you are out of control or overwhelmed with situations here are some exercises that will help you along.  

Care giving is not for everyone and we are all faced with adversity.  When you are dealing with loved ones and it was not your choice to be the caregiver, we need to go the extra step to make yourself mentally OK.  

Mental Self-Care Exercises 

>> Observe:  From outside of a building (make sure you know what is on the other side)  look through. Don’t go through, just look. This will help you feel safe from the issues inside.  You have a separation from all the emotions and feelings associated with what is on the other side.  It makes the problem seem smaller. Observe your thinking and how you would handle those problems.   

Now, turn the tables. Find something that is overwhelming that you need to face.  Find a barrier that you can observe from and get in tune with your own emotions about the situation and figure out the answers.  In other words, create the solutions that will help you handle the things you need to do.

>> Learn from past mistakes that caused distress and anxiety:   When we only see one option and not other possibilities we miss out. Keeping our minds open we start to become reasonable and analyze more to see what works better.   

Learning Mental Focus

>> Take time to learn:  When creating mental self-care only a few of us focus on learning.  Stimulate your brain and thinking by reading books that help in the adversity you are going through.   

The more we learn, the more we think and in turn the more we think the better the outcome.  However, if we shut down to new possibilities we also shut down our brains.   

>> Stop the categorizing:  Don’t label yourself as a type of person for this merely reflects how you are feeling at one moment or another depending on the circumstances you are dealing with. 

By using labels it distorts your thinking.  This will cause you to second guess yourself and keeping grounded will be difficult.   Learn to embrace the ups and downs that life will throw at you. In other words, it’s like being on a boat and having to deal with the rocking of the waves.    

Creating good mental self-care through adversity by using a few of these exercises or all of them will help you face life and anything it throws at you.


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