How To Deal With Memories Lost

How To Deal With Memories Lost

How do you deal with memories lost when the calendar changes and a certain dates pop up. July seems to have a lot going on besides just summer.  It was our anniversary and his birthday, and with my husband just passing recently, this month had memories lost.

I wanted to do something special, not just for his memory but also for my own sanity.   In other words, I wanted to make the day special so I didn’t just sit and wallow in front of the TV.

How to deal with memories lost

Here are some things for you to think about when the calendar has dates of memories lost and then I will share what I did.  This will work if they passed or just can’t quite do them any more. 

>>> do things that your loved one liked to do.  

>>> share who they are/were with someone you just met.

>>> have a day to yourself to remember and grieve. 

It’s ok to cry, in fact it is better for you in the long run.  Keep the happy memories and lose the sad ones.  

How did I improve the day

I made it a special day.  My daughter and I gathered all the pictures we could and created a book.  It was a life history book that showed the highlights of what he stood for and how his memory would stay.

Then we took a drive.  The weather was on our side so we headed to his mom’s house and presented her with a copy.  She was so happy and grateful that we thought of her and how that book would help her remember. 

On our way home we stopped at places he always liked and did some extras, we knew he was looking down on us and was smiling.  What a day it turned out to be for we made it his day. Just like you celebrate other holidays, it was our time to deal with the memories lost.  

Learning to create to work through the memories lost or ones you will never have again can ease the pain and make it special.  How would you deal with memories lost?


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