Don’t Stay Away When You Don’t Know What To Say

Don’t stay away when you don’t know what to say.  When bad news hits your household or dear friends and relatives staying away is the wrong thing to do.

We all hate bad news and finding the right things needed can be hard.  Don’t stay away for when you ignore it, that can make it much worse. Reaching out is a sign that you care and feel deeply about them.  Don’t be the one that says “I wish I had more time”, be a “ I wanted to say______”.

I found that by having a conversation about something uncomfortable can be very healing.  Bad news can be hard on your body. It revs up your stress and from there you are all out of whack.  In other words, it can be disappointing and brings you down, but talking will let it out so you can move forward.

Don’t stay away, step up

Here are some action steps that you can use to help you be there for the ones you care about.  Hence, Knowing what to say can make a world of difference.

First:   Don’t panic just relax and the flow will happen.  Positive thoughts will bring on a good conversation.  Acknowledge the truth, learn to feel, let others see your emotions, because once you show how you feel, we can be all on the same page.

Next, you can’t possibly know how others handle all things, so talking is the only way to really know.  If you stay away you will never find out. What this shows is our own self doubt and insecurity. Learn to be a little bold and start asking, remember they want others to come to their rescue.

Now,  if you stay away you will never know.  This is the time to be observant, when someone isn’t feeling well they are not going to reach out and come to you.  Do something for them out of the blue. Take them some flowers or a meal.  

Bring them something that will put a smile on their face.  You might find out something about them you didn’t already know.

Know what to say or not

Finally,  if you don’t know what to say, use their responses to keep things going.  Ask them a question or comment on something around you to spark a new thought.  Share part of yourself to build a connection.

Don’t stay away when you don’t know what to say for later you will regret all the conversations you may have missed.


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