Three Key Strengths to Positivity

Three Key Strengths to Positivity

What are the 3 key strengths to positivity?   First, we have forgiveness, second is gratitude and the third key is humility.  With these in your daily life your positivity will grow.

First Key Strength is Forgiveness

Forgiveness is essential for our long-term relationships to last between individuals.  However, forgiveness starts with one’s self.  It is when we achieve an inner peace can we be at peace with others.3 Keys Strengths to Positivity

Forgiveness offers better solutions to conflict and promotes talking.  In other words, a relationship can recover from damage caused when there is communication.

Second Key Strength is Gratitude

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation or thankfulness when receiving a gift.  Gifts can come in many forms, physical or emotional.  In other words, gratitude is important not only because it helps us feel good, but it inspires us to do better. 

3 Key Strengths to Positivity

When people report feeling grateful and appreciative, they are more loving, joyful and enthusiastic.  So being thankful is like counting your blessings.  Practice saying “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I Love you” everyday and you live will be happier.

Third and Last Key Strength is Humility

Humility is a psychological and intellectual virtue, or a character strength.  A clear and accurate sense of one’s abilities and achievements.  The ability to acknowledge one’s mistakes, imperfections, and limitations.  An openness to keeping one’s abilities in perspective.   In other words, they have a value of all things more so then themselves. 

Studies have shown that you can not actually rate your own humility for that is considered selfish and humble people are not.  But they do seem to flourish in life, they are nice to others, challenge themselves and are admired for what they do. 

3 Key Strengths to Positivity

When considering they 3 keys to positivity, remember to be thankful, forgive and helpful in all that you do.

Keep smiling



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