Mindset Sets Up How To Perform at Their Tasks

Why does Mindset matter and how does it set you up to perform

A person’s mindset sets up how to perform at their tasks or in their learning.   A study in 1988 by Dr Carol Dweck found that people who think about their own intelligence has a significant impact on their motivation, effort, and approach to challenges.   In other words she was saddened by wasted potential.

Ones who have a flexible mind seem to be more likely to embrace challenges and persist despite failure that they come across.   Here are some examples of how different mindsets lead to different patterns of behavior.  For instance, you bring a different mindset for different areas of your life.

>>> When you get stuck or give up, that is considered mindset that can’t grow.   You need to make up your mind that you want to push through and move forward.   

>>> The pain and agony can also hold you back.  How you push through or find solutions also deals in your mindset.    

As a caregiver we need to strive for new growth and abilities everyday.  Things to keep our minds more active and growing all the time will be beneficial to our needs and the needs of our loved ones.  However we do leave potential on the table in many ways.  

  • Learn to embrace challenges
  • Be persistent when setbacks face us head on
  • See your effort when we tackle obstacles
  • Learn from criticism and mistakes
  • Find lessons and inspiration in the success of others

What you will gain by doing this is more free will and skills to attack  back when the ups and downs come. Let’s summarize ways to rewire your brain to help it be useful when we tackle our adversities.  

>>> Recognize and Rationalize your thoughts for mindset to perform

Recognize what you are saying to yourself.  Pull apart the lies from the truth. Understand that we cannot always recognize the complexity of the signs around us.  In other words, Rationalize every aspect to move forward and know what could have been done and what could not have been done.

My pain came everyday from many sources.  I was dealing with the disease of hearing loss and the symptoms of Dementia.  To ailments of the muscles, and the dreaded word “Cancer”.   Is there truly any thing that I had control over and was I pushing myself too hard.  However,  I had to come to terms with it and know that I am doing what I could.  

  >>> Accept and Choose  that you have a choice

Staying in bed with the covers over my head is not very effective if you want to succeed in life.  Making a choice to life and heal is all up to you. You have a choice. Don’t focus on blame or pain.  Be open to accept it as it is and learn to move forward one step at a time.   

The hurt will not leave or the sorrow may never truly go away.  Time heals some wounds, but not all. We can choose to love and remember and not blame ourselves or others while growing.  It is your choice to make that step and find a helping hand.  For that is learning to live with a smile on your face.

Mindset sets up how to perform at your best and when you learn to recognize and then accept it, you will overcome many obstacles along the way.


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