Discovering A Caregiver’s Focus One Piece at A Time

Discovering a caregivers focus can have many parts.  Finding the pieces will make it all come together.

Just like putting a puzzle together, a caregivers focus is also discovered one piece at a time.  In other words, we need to find the edges first or we have no ground to move forward.  Let’s start with putting our day together and going from there.

Find a piece of paper, preferably with lines, but what works for you.   Write down one to two things that are important to you. In doing this you will know what to work on and know where to direct yourself.  

Making it short will ensure that you get it done in a days time.  This will help with your mindset to keep at it, because it will make you feel accomplished. For instance, ripping up yesterdays and starting fresh will keep you on a more focused task.

I want you to stop a moment and think about how you created this list.  Did you write it or did you use technology? Did you do it a quiet atmosphere or a noisy gathering while rushing around getting your morning coffee?

Plan on the caregivers focus

Actually you need to start your day with a plan,  finding a quiet corner and a pen and paper. His will help you truly get out of your mind what is truly needed.  A clear outline with a goal, and vision for what you need to do without distraction. This will avoid the whirlpool of chaos.  In other words, you end up controlling it, not the other way around.

Now we are going to label what we wrote and see what is a bigger priority.  What is the difference between urgent and what is important? If you do what is important first then you have more time to focus on the urgent.  It has been proven in “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield.

Throughout the day, keep asking if your doing what is needed.  You may need to adjust or tweak to keep you on task. Is your focus being pulled away.  I always remember the quote from a great mentor Jim Rohn: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of you time with”.  Hence I say; Excuse yourself if you need to.

Caregivers focus coming alive

Next, you need to make the list come alive.  You need to find a way to blend work and what excites you, so you stay focused.  Find your unique way of getting it done so it stimulates what you are doing.

Set time frames.  Start and finish times.  I use a timer and set it by hour.  I need to stay on task for an hour at a time.  You will be surprised what I get done. I end up looking for ideas and more things to do.    Others schedule out their day and set times to work on certain things. Breaking it up refreshes the mind and gives you the edge to dive in.

Let’s review.

Short list

Quiet place

No technology

Label your priorities

Keep asking if you are doing what is needed.

Make the list come alive

Set time frames

A caregivers focus needs to be task oriented and when you have a good plan to keep you going it makes it easier to stay ahead of the day and give you that smile you need to keep at it.


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