Comfort Zone Stopping New Things

Comfort zone stopping new things? How is a comfort zone blocking you from being the best, getting through tough times, and handling the things you need to?

What is a comfort zone and how is it stopping new things?  A psychological concept to embrace risk and make changes in your life.  Or an invisible barrier around you keeping you safe.

It can be a sense of:





It keeps us closed in and we start to miss out on opportunities, miss out on new strategies and miss out on new rewards.   In other words, it like we are in a bubble to be protected.

Humans are wired to seek comfort, most do not like pain or heartache.  That in all makes it hard to let go.  We like to know what’s coming.  But if you really think about that, how can we truly know what is coming?   For instance, life changes around every corner and we get stuck in a zone.

Comfort zone stops

We need to step over the lines of the comfort zone and take a little risk to tackle things life gives us.

            Anxiety.     The stress where everything overwhelms us

            Worry.     Obsession over details can lead to lack of sleep

            Guilt.   Feeling you did something wrong or not doing enough.

            Anger.  Yell at everything to only cause more trouble

            Defensiveness.    You think you know it all.

            Sadness.       Depression takes its toll

            Resentment.    Are you the only one doing something?

            Grief.      Lost some one, and you don’t want to loose memories

            Loneliness.   You feel all alone.  No one to lean on.

            Satisfaction.   You can push through more than how you feel.

Breaking through will show you that you can do more, you can be challenged and survive. 

 Expand the comfort zone to bring in new things

The world is ever changing, and we should be too.   We need to evolve, or we get lost and further behind.  We aren’t able to help others with our full potential.  You guard yourself from pain and sadness, not realizing that you have closed yourself off to all the happiness the world has for you and is trying to give you. 

Once the step has been taken to expand your comfort level, we start to feel the risks.  Yet, not to worry though, because this is actually healthy in terms of growth. The only one who can break through and knock down the zone barriers are you yourself.  You built them.  It is time to show yourself you can do more, you can be challenged and survive.

Step out the lines of the comfort zone

Stepping out or breaking the barrier get easier every time you do it.  As we go through life we breakthrough the comfort zone more times than we think. 

            Having kids

            Caring for a loved one

            Researching for just about anything

            Creating positive thoughts

            Learning to deal with emotions.

All it takes is for you to start.  New challenges and growth also help you age better.  By taking risks and challenging your mind you keep it active and working.   By changing life’s situations, you improve your brain activity and your physical well-being by needing to be on your toes all the time.   In other words, work the stress in your favor, know your limits and stagger it out. 

Allow your mind to be open to options other than those that are right in front of you.  Work through with positive thoughts to break the comfort zone from stopping you in doing new things.


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