Life Through A Glass Jar | Release and Live

Life through a glass jar can hold your future bright or dark.

Start to release and live.  Living life through a glass jar will only get you stuck.   Have you ever wanted something that you thought you would never have?

I’ll tell you a secret, we had an old glass jar in the corner of the kitchen. But instead of cookies or other food, we added coin to be used for that special thing, that big trip we wanted to take.  In other words, it was our spending jar. 

We had a dream locked away in the glass jar.

Everyone of us can use one of those jars. It’s a place that we want to collect all of our stuff and everything that we have ever put together in our life.  

Are there things in life that you collect?  

Things you save up for?  

Places you want to go or memories of things from the past?

We tend to keep it all in, keep the lid on tight so that we won’t lose it. But what happens to that? What happens when we keep the lid of our jar on too tight?  It keeps in our troubles and our anger. It keeps in the struggles of everything that we have gone through.

What happens to the jar with all that in there?

It starts to suffocate us!.

It starts to suck out all the energy and all the air. The sides start to get tighter and tighter until you feel like you just have had enough.  Yet, you are stuck and can’t breathe.


A rescuer comes and starts poking holes to let in some air.  Which in turn starts to loosen the lid. Finally unscrewing it.   

What a wonderful feeling,   as things started to expand and spill out to where everything starts to show itself again.  This is where we have the chance to look things over.    

We now get to keep the things that are wanted and release the rest.  I wasn’t trapped tight anymore. I found the inspiration and ideas that help keep the balance.  Therefore, I could breathe again.

That is life through a glass jar.

I hang on to that jar for it is my life, family and memories.   I store the good things and let the others bounce off.

Who knew that my glass jar would bring me to where I am today.  I had no idea that it would have such an enormous effect on life.  It has brought a whole new way to look at it. I found something that I didn’t know was missing.  

I didn’t get it at first.

Where was my life going and “What was my WHY?”  I was stuck in the jar.

Think about it!…

Did you really hear what the question was?  “What is my WHY?”

For me, I thought that was easy.  I rattled off this and that. Oh, yeah I know why I am doing this, Why would you ask that question, isn’t it obvious? There was a life, a family, a career, but something was missing that I didn’t think about.   In other words, something I didn’t have within me.

That is why I got stuck with my lid on tight.  I couldn’t move forward and had a feeling of emptiness, even though it was overflowing.  

Release the lid to find what you are missing

I was missing the most important part in having a life that I could not have in my glass jar.  I missed what it truly took to put your heart and soul into something and come out on top. Not just the day to day, but where in life I was headed.

Being stuck in the jar, I LOST ME!  Who I was?

The realization of actually telling yourself, (or asking, I should say), the question of “Who am I” is kind of hard to explain.  You can tell others that you are a mom. You can tell others that you have a career. BUT, to ask yourself what it is that YOU like?  Is another question all together.

Did that make me put the lid back on?  NO

Now that the holes were poked and lid is free.  I can choose to be whatever I want! A light bulb came on and all of a sudden I finally understood what it was to truly make a life.  What my reason WHY was.

Do you know what it is you truly want?  What are you passionate about?  Is it your kids, is it music, is it knitting, is it surfing, is it personal training, it is hunting or fishing?  What truly comes from your heart that you want to have in your jar?

Thus,  “Life through a Glass Jar”

Why are you doing what you are doing?  We need to have a reason or it give no purpose in what we are doing and is just the extra junk we keep in our jars.  Keep the things with you that help, and let other things bounce off.

Find who you are and what you want around you to keep your jar feeling free.

Keep Smiling



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