Self-Improvement Helps Caregivers

Self-Improvement Helps Caregivers

When one grows in self-improvement their care giving also improves.  Being a better person gives you the strength to deal with the day to day challenges. Therefore, self-improvement helps caregivers and is crucial in what we do.  

As we start building it each and every day you will set yourself up to always be open minded and more observant. In addition, you will become more resourceful and knowledgeable in ways you never thought of before.

When my life took a left turn I felt forced into doing things that I had no choice but to do.  It wasn’t something I planned, but I couldn’t run away either. I made up my mind that if I was going to survive I needed to learn everything I could.

Being around the medical field or anything now a days, you need to be constantly learning and improving.   The world is an ever changing thing. If you don’t know something, there are many resources learn from.  We have the world wide web to help,  not something I had as a child.  

Benefits of how self-improvement helps caregivers

I came across 5 benefits that you will receive when you apply self-improvement in your care giving and life..

  • Better productivity.  (Getting things done will be smoother and more organized)
  • Improved resistance (your answers will come faster and you can develop a good argument)
  • Enhanced self esteem (your confidence in knowing what you need to know will help you tackle your tasks)
  • Increased self-knowledge (You can draw more from your memory and the questions will get smaller)
  • More to give  (you will be more rounded in your care, know what you have and then it’s easier to give)

*** Don and I always had to be on our toes, looking for every and any option out there.  We had to be constantly learning this or that. Each chemo was different. Each procedure was different.  In other words, we had to know what to expect or not to expect.

*** With my Son, the deaf world opened up.  I had to know which choices I made would impact his life as he grew. It taught me a new language of communication.

*** With my Mom, learning about dementia and how to go with the flow of the conversation.  Not making myself over step the lines of what she remembers.

Just because something was one way in the past doesn’t mean that it will be that way in the future.   


If one person had this, others may experience that.

Above all, I have learned you really cannot walk in someone else’s shoes for we all the experience and see things differently.  That is what makes us who we are.

Always keep learning and keep smiling as you go.  Your world will open up and give back what you put in.



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