Mindset is Key To Defeat Enemies Inside

Enemies coming from inside are the worst kind of enemies we can face. They are the ones that are in our own head.                                                             

Mindset is the key to helping us defeat this.  In other words, using mindset to destroy these before they defeat us, will give a better way to handle our days ahead.

Here are six key things to keep in mind and look out for when defeating the enemies coming from inside. Fear. Indifference, Doubt, Indecision, Worry, and Timidity.

  1. Enemies from Fear

Things will always look harder than they really are.  We just need to find our courage and strength. Fear is not something that we were born with, yet has come from our experiences that we face.  For instance, maybe someone planted that thought in our minds.

There are some fears that are valid, like walking down a dark alley.  But once we learn to avoid that situation we won’t need to live in fear of it.

Fear holds you back

Fear offers the worst

Fear replaces critical thinking

When you are faced with taking action, you need to have the mindset to break free and tackle the fear for it keeps you STOPPED from your goal. In other words you find every excuse there is not to pursue it.

Fear can be a deterrent from seeing what you want around the corner.  Therefore, when it prevails, you tend to think that anything is better than the unknown!  

Fear has a way of filling the void, but at what cost?

…Do you miss out?

…Does it hold you back and keeps you covered?

Fear replaces critical thinking!

… it interrupts your emotions

…. You start to blame and point fingers

Your fear can be disciplined, with the right tools and practice! In other words learn to hold yourself accountable, learn to embrace your strengths, and accept your weaknesses!

Learn to recognize what assumptions you make from your fear, and correct your misconceptions about life and success.

  1.   Enemies from Indifference

Every human is different and until we know who we are and how we are different we seem to just drift in life and what we do.  However, you can change. 

Time to step out, say what we like and do the things we like to do.   The only one that can make choices for you is you. Only you can change you!

  1.   Enemies from Doubt

There is plenty of room for healthy skepticism for we can not believe everything.  But, when you let doubt take over it grabs hold of what we do. Above all, many of us doubt out past, the future, each other, the possibilities and you doubt your opportunities.  

The worst thing we doubt is ourselves.  

Doubt will destroy our lives and our chances of success.  It will empty our bank accounts and our hearts. This is one enemy we need to get rid of.

  1.   Enemies from Indecision

This enemy is the thief of opportunity and enterprise.  It steals our chances to better ourselves.  Humans are creatures of habit with an insatiable need to see familiarity in other people’s actions. Your predictability gives them a sense of control.  Let’s turn the tables: Be deliberately unpredictable.

Behavior that seems to have no consistency or purpose will keep others off-balance, and they will wear themselves out trying to explain your moves. Taken to an extreme, this strategy can intimidate and terrorize.  

But doing it right, they will start to trust and follow your lead.  Unpredictability is not only a weapon of terror: Scrambling your patterns on a day-to-day basis will cause a stir around you and stimulate interest.  But, they will keep you constantly in their minds. The more capricious you appear, the more respect you will get.

  1.   Enemies from Worry

When we worry that is part of human nature, yet we don’t want it to conquer us.  Worrying can be useful. For instance, “Worry when someone is late”, “worry when your car breaks down”.  

But we can’t let worry win and drive us into a corner where we want to hide from the world.  

As we grow through life we tend to get stuck in certain areas and can’t figure out why?  We doubt and come up with all kinds of things, but we don’t always look at what our subconscious is doing to us.

When we focus really hard on waiting for something to show up in our lives, our energies can become ones of worry and ‘lack’ – creating resistance.

So, once we have gotten clear on what it is that we want and forget about our lists, we let our dreams go. This takes all pressure off of the manifesting process, leaving our dreams in the hands of the universe.

Focus on what you can control and release things you cannot.   Let the universe take it and see what you receive in return!

Whatever is out to get us, we need to turn and get it.  Whatever pushes us, we need to push back. Therefore, stand up to your worry to see if it is worrying about.

  1.   Enemies from Timidity

Over-caution is the timid approach to life (this is not a virtue) it can be an illness that will control us.  When you are timid you don’t advance, you don’t learn things, you don’t grow and we are not helpful to others.

There are days that I just want to disappear, even for just a little while. I tend to think of it as a place to think and regroup.  Yet, you need to keep your life’s focus on the goals that you have set.

By eliminating the bad and regrouping can strengthen your purpose. It can be set into motion and come back fighting like a champ. Never let yourself get lost in the crowd, or buried in oblivion. Stand out. Be heard and learn as much as you can.

To face the enemies coming from within we need to battle our fears, build our courage to fight what is holding us back.  Being courageous in our everyday lives will help us become strong and have full lives.

Keep Smiling



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