The Shock Started My Life Turning Left

Has your life turned left from a shock? Something happened that changed the direction completely?

We all want our lives to go in a certain way and starting out we don’t know how it’s going to end.

My life was going smooth, fast and a way that we thought would develop into more. Then the shock that no one wants to hear. A word that threw it to the left.  How can one word change it so fast?

Cancer was introduced to our lives

Life seemed to flash before your eyes, that is when the emotions start. The initial shock hits us all a little different. We cry, we get mad. We want to prove them wrong.  so many questions, so much unknown.

For me, I was supposed to be the strong one, my husband, friend, lover and companion was the one who was in for the fight of his life. The anger grew, and we started to think of all the things we hadn’t done yet.

Timing is never on your side.

It was in the dead of winter when the pain started. Hunting season was just over, and he thought he pushed himself to hard and pulled a muscle.

When the doctor told him there was a mass growing and pushing on his nerve, we both fell to our knees. Life was about to take a turn to the left. The first surgery was scheduled, and things were going to be different from now on.

There are many questions that pop into your head. Why me, why him. You challenge your faith, you challenge your life. But that is when it needs to be the strongest. Your purpose on this earth can turn circles as you try to figure it out.


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