What is a Caregiver’s Mindset | Control the Good or Bad?

A caregiver’s mindset is key for so many things when you need to be in control.  It can set you up for the good or the bad.

Has care-giving come into your life by want or need?   That question will lead us to how our mindset is set up when dealing with it.

I was forced into it, never something I would choose to do on my own.  But when need arises you step up to the table.

When my husband was diagnosed with cancer it was a new learning curve for both of us.  It is different with a spouse then an aging parent or other family member.

The questions seemed to be coming out of the walls.  Everything was an unknown, so learning as much as we could was the direction I went.

He was diagnosed with Soft Tissue Sarcoma, a very rare cancer.  Not much is known about this one.

We have no idea where it came from or why it picked him.  The only thing they could tell us was that it was aggressive and could grow anywhere he had soft tissue.  Think about that “soft tissue” is everywhere in your body.

Also, with being so rare, there isn’t a lot of treatment options either.  Always searching for something new and hoping it helps.

This is where mindset plays a big role.

Mindset will teach you how to focus on the task at hand

Mindset will help you become aware of things you need

Mindset helps you see your own strength

Setting up your Caregiver’s Mindset there are four main areas we need to look at.  After we get these working for us it will be easier for you to tackle life’s ups and down.

They are:  Awareness, Acceptance, Accountability and Action.


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