Tips to Expect When Expecting the Unknown

People like to be informed and know what to expect, but when dealing with the unknown how can you find happiness.


I find this question being ask of me all the time.  “How do you keep smiling through all that you go through?”.  And my answer after that is: “I have learned the mindset needed to Smile Through Adversity!”.


I know what you are thinking … yeah but … !


When you get to know me, you would agree.  I have been forced into being a care-giver, juggling emotions, career, family, schedules and keeping it all together.


Let me share with you a few things I do daily to help me keep my smile.  Above all, it makes the unknown a little more manageable.


Expect Change


Life changes all the time, some for good and some for bad.  Most of it we can control or adapt to as we grow.   Then there are moments that are of the unknown.


Dealing with children, aging parents, dementia and cancer of a loved one, you tend to know change well.  If you learn to accept it and know that it is coming, it won’t hit you so hard.  Don’t let your imagination get ahead of you.


“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” Napoleon Hill


Focus on a goal


If you do not use affirmations, now is the time to start.   The tiny things you say to yourself every single day will set you up for what is ahead.  There are many ways to do this, but keeping it positive is a great tidbit.


I am strong

I am Powerful

I am Loving

I am in Balance

I am Healthy

I am Perfect

I am OK with …..


You hear about goal setting in every aspect of life, but in care-giving and living life to the fullest (especially when you are close to the end) goals are even more important. Reaching those goals can help you smile.


Goals can be big or small depending on what you want to get done and where you want to go.  Therefore, knowing this will give you something to look forward to, and helps you wake up in the morning ready to go.  Short goals lead to longer goals, and longer goals lead to life changes.



Keep things in front of you that make you happy



My trick is to have a place to go that always makes me happy.  Physical or non-physical it doesn’t matter, as long as you find what works for you.


Keeping a journal or blogging

Having a favorite quote to read

Talking with a friend who understands


Hill top with a great view

Playing with an animal

Cleaning or organizing

A Good Cry


What ever you do learn to meditate and clear the negativity out of your head.  Even if just for 5 or 10 minutes can make a world of difference.


Have a Go-To


Always keep something close that you can lean on, snuggle with or escape to, even if you can’t get away.    Having that with you helps to know you are alright and strong.

Of all the times I have spent in the Hospital, Doctors appointment,  Chemo drips, etc.  I always had a book or a journal with me so I could read or write.  I filled my brain with inspiring things.  I have studied mindset for 5 years and made myself a better reader and writer along with it.   My blog is my happy place for I can express my feelings and share with others what I have learned.



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