The Balancing Act of Care-giving vs Life

Is there a balancing act when it comes to care-giving and keeping a quality of life?  Let’s investigate things that can help you keep you from tipping over.


Care-giving can be a choice or a need.  However, it has come into your life and you still need to learn how to balance everything going on.


For me Care-giving turned my life to the left.  It was not a choice that I wanted to make.  I had a wonderful life being a wife, mom and a career.   I was just starting to see new things appear and planning for retirement was getting closer.


That is when it hit!  My care-giving started.  I needed to find that balance or nothing was going to happen.  I had to find a way to be a caregiver, juggling emotions, career, family, schedules and keep it all together.



Care-giving side of the balancing act


There are many things that play into a balancing act.  How you handle that, will help you through.


Let me share some of the stories we did along the way.  Hopefully it will help with your stress and will-power.


When our journey started it helped me to get to know my surroundings, our doctors and nurses, and what it was that we were to experience.  We got so comfortable with the doctors we could leave him notes on the area of your body he would operate on.   A smiley face always worked.


I got to know the hospital more than some of the staff.   You needed to know where a bathroom was that wasn’t always busy.  You needed to know then the coffee shops opened.  Then getting around to which floor led to the parking garage you parked in.


You know a mother always keeps the kitchen sink in her purse.  I thought hose days were over but no, just now it is different stuff.  Never know when it comes in handy.


I always carried pillows and blankets in the car.   He was either cold or hot, didn’t matter what the temperature was.


Always keep an idea of food places.  The taste buds change with different drugs and procedures.  Planning meals needs to be on the go.


My dining room table looked like a supply cupboard for a nurse’s station.  I went to eating on TV trays for a while. 



Life side of the balancing act


Make a list of phone numbers, so you are prepared to call for answers.


You will feel helplessness so keep things around you to do.  Like read a book, write notes, find a hobby, or a good quote.    (here are more things to help with happiness)


Talk to your Boss.  Keep him or her informed, so when you need to bail, they will understand. 


Be ready for the ups and downs.  Everybody is different, and you don’t know how this will go.


Take a break.  You cannot do it all.  Don’t compare yourself with others, we all have things we don’t share.  Not every moment can be glamorous or action packed. 


Know when to ask for help.  Your levels of comfort can only be pushed so far.


Get to know your balancing act and things will be a lot smoother.


Here is a great resource to help you learn to balance care-giving and life


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