Signs that Mindset is Creating Negativity

Do you show the signs that your mindset is creating negativity in your life?  Learn these signs to help you move to the positive side.

Mindset is an established set of attitudes held my someone.  In other words, mindset controls how you look at things around you and respond to them. 

Without thinking we are sabotaging our day and create negativity if you are not paying attention.  In other words, let’s change our thinking and create what you want.

Mindset is great when you learn the signs in your life too keep them positive. 

*** Stop comparing, start putting your focus on your strengths not others.  When you start to compare you will only be disappointed, because we are all different and our outcomes will be different by nature.

*** Meditation is key.  Just that 5 or 10 minutes clearing you mind will set it back in groove. 

*** Serving others.   What I mean is help someone do something.   It is such a gratifying feeling.

*** Journaling and making a gratitude list.   What a better way to see how things are going throughout your day.

Mindset comes easier with these signs

*** Exercising is key to many things.  It helps your body get energized and helps clear you brain.

*** Eating healthy and staying hydrated is a must.  Not only will it keep your weight stable, but you’re thinking process will be open. 

*** Take a walk outside.   The fresh air and sunshine fill a need like no other.

*** Talking with a friend.  In other words, go have a coffee date or lunch with another human being.

Finally, the signs for our spirit

*** Did you know that 85% of woman and 73% of men feel better after a good cry.   Yeah, I said cry.  Get it all out so it is behind you.   

*** Laugh a lot.  Finding that happy place to always lift your spirit.

*** Read.  I found that reading inspirational books works with you subconscious and keep the positivity flowing.

*** and the last thing I want to share is to Pray.  Listening to your surroundings to what they are telling you.  Your answers will come.

In being aware and knowing the signs of a positive mindset, the negativity will go away and you will smile at adversity.


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