Things Are Not Fun | How To Tackle Things

Things Are Not Fun | How To Tackle Things

Things that are not fun.


How do you tackle things you don't want to do?  Like cleaning out for your parents or someone that has passed.


My left turn life has been on spin cycle lately.  Some might call it overwhelm others will just call it exhaustion.  But I liked spin cycle. I have had to put emotions to the side and get busy.  


Why you ask is my life on spin cycle?


This week has been decision time and I haven’t had time to think.  I don’t want to make quick decisions or ones that will cause more down the road, but I want to make the right ones.  So this is why i am sharing with you. Writing down your thoughts can help ease the tension and chaos.


Besides putting my own life back together, I have been dealing with my elderly parents.  They are moving through the stages of age and are in need of more care. That means I need to move them again.  Yes I said again. This will now be the third time, each downsizing a little more.


How can you accumulate stuff?


Going through all the book shelves and closets,  this mindset muze needs to keep herself thinking.   If not I will lose it and just throw everything.


What to keep and what to throw is a big question, and the decisions are hard to make by oneself.   Remember I have told you before that reaching out for a helping hand is essential. It is amazing what you find and how you can solve problems when you search for answers.


Even in a rushed state, I have things moving along and besides having a few sore muscles I can sleep at night and go at it again the next day.


Enjoy whatever you are doing, and just remember there is someone else doing the same thing or more.  Just breathe.




P.S.   If you need some help, check out my workbooks on this page.

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