How Journaling IS A Saving Grace

How Journaling IS A Saving Grace

How can journaling be a saving grace?  It can give you so many insights, help your mood and show you things you are grateful for.


My journaling started when I was taking care of my husband through his time on hospice. It had been a five year battle and the time was ending.  Why did it start it then and how did it help? There were so many ways.


So what is journaling?  


JournallingJournaling can be like writing an apology letter to getting things out of your head.  I have found it is time to be with yourself and your feelings. It helps to write them down.  


You get to share your insights, your wisdom, your perspective and what you have learned from your events of the day.  What you are learning and how you are growing.


You can write about what in life is making you stuck.  Things that are physical, mental or emotional. I found that getting things in writing puts it more into perspective.  It’s then easier to forgive yourself or others.


How do you start journaling.


It doesn’t have to be hard to start journaling.  You just need to get a notebook and pen. Set a time, night is usually best, right before you go to bed. Keep it with you throughout the day and jot down things as they come. If you are anything like me you will forget by bedtime, and that will drive you nuts.


It doesn’t have to be a book, just a few lines.  A short sentence or a long thought.


Try it for a week and see how you feel, I bet you will continue because you will start to see a change.





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