Some Days Are Harder Than Others

Some days are harder than others

Some days are harder than others.  The thought of having to be alone and do what needs to be done can be scary.   The wind was blowing hard and it was cold outside.  What would happen if???


We all grief in different ways and how we deal with it will determine where we will end up. It is OK to show some vulnerability and weakness, that just makes us human.



My strength had to come from within today, more so than other days. So, I turned to my own training to get….


The Power of a Thought


Man creates who they are or who they are not from our own thoughts. You forge the weapons by which you destroy yourself, yet also create the tools that build your joy, strength and peace


Only by searching and mining, are gold and diamonds obtained. When you dig deep into your inner soul, that shows you who you are, the mold of your life and the builder of your destiny. If you watch, control and alter your thoughts.



Reaching out to others who can help.  Look around and listen, your answer will show itself.  Don’t minimize the loss, for some might not know what to say and will say the wrong thing.  Embrace it and let others know your true feelings, that way they will know.


Learn to become aware of their effect of your thoughts upon yourself and see how others will determine the circumstances around you. Link the cause and effect and learn to practice patients as a means of obtaining wisdom, understanding and power through your thoughts.


Strength will show up in many places, just be open to it when it does.





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