A List of Things To Do When Your Life Turns Left.

A List of Things To Do When Your Life Turns Left.

A list of things to do.  

There are many things you need to do when you have a lost a loved one, but it all starts with a list and how you created it.


I was lucky enough to have time to go over things with him before his passing, and I will tell you that planning is key.  However you can miss things.


It was wonderful to know what he wanted and it made my job easier, but now comes the work.  You know fight with the insurance, get all the paperwork for the bank, work etc.


But one list you might have forgotten is … what is it that I like.  What is my style, my needs. I have time, my decisions are mine. Would I change how I eat, how I travel, what TV shows I watch, my time for others.   Above all, what do I do.


That is where the real list starts.  


I have more time to think and look around.   I can change things without asking, I can try new things.  My schedule is mine. So what is it that I like?


Time to think.


What goes into finding what it is that you like?   Do you have a passion for something, or what is it that you always seem to end up doing?


I have so much more training than just setting goals and affirmations. Here is the tip of what you could learn. Your whole world will be different. You will see yourself in a whole new light.


Learn to say “Goodbye” to the self-sabotaging beliefs that have been holding you back from the life you deserve….


I am ready to step out of my comfort zone and try new things, to explore and test what I couldn't before.



Say “goodbye” to the naysayers who say “come back to reality, it’s only a pipe dream” …

Get rid of the little voice of doubt in your head that will question what you are doing….

Say “goodbye” to your old life and say “HELLO” to the new one that you deserve and desire.


When we learn to create a mindset with a vision and a passion, then we learn how to show the world what that is. This is where you will start to get the things you like and put into play a new way of life.


With a new list of things I like the world is a whole new place.

Let's start to enjoy it.


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