Where Do You Find A New Beginning

Where do you find a new beginning, family caregivers have a lot on their mind, but this one thing they don’t always think of.

I had a hard time writing this post, for it is dear to my heart.

This is the last thing we want to think about; however, it is very important for all to discuss.  New beginnings come is all shapes and sizes. There comes a day when you realize the page needs turned.

My day started when my husband and I had to sign papers for him to go on hospice.  It is hard to watch and didn’t know what to do.  He felt like he was giving up, but in reality, it was the cancer taking over.

From that moment on, life was looking for a new beginning.

Material things take on different shapes.  I started looking at the things around me and life in the balance, things looked like junk.  Yeah there were a lot of memories, but you can’t take stuff with you.

Yet, there was one thing I wasn’t looking at.  And that was me.  My life was still going on.

That is where others get lost.  In other words, we don’t want to think about what life will be like for the ones who are still here. Once I came to terms with that, a whole new light shined down on me.

My husband and I have been struggling with this disease for five years now and will all the hopes and lost hopes, the ups and downs along the way, life has new meaning.  But, does life end, or is it a new beginning?

Start by finding happiness in the little things

With that thought in mind I went back to my mindset training.  For instance, I looked at my health, my surrounding, my kids and said to myself.  “Where is it that I am going and what am I going to do when the end comes?

That was the start of my new beginning.  It isn’t selfish, It isn’t disheartening.  It is fact.   I am not going to curl up in a hole to life out the rest of my own days.   I have obligations to look after.


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