June 30, 2018

Empower Through To New Growth With Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Empower Through To New Growth With Your Entrepreneurship Journey

By Sandy Mangis

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What you will be learning to Empower Through

Week 1:  Creating a Vision and a Mission:     “Where do I go? What do I do?” These are some of the questions you might ask. You just feel LOST, with no direction!  Can you train yourself to be yourself? What are your skills and what lifestyle do you want?

Week 2:  Being Aware and bringing your Value:     Let’s start to think about who and what influences you in your life, in your upbringing, in your job, and anywhere that you like to hang out. This ties to who you are, what you like, and what others you may be talking to like. We are not meant to live a long series of un-felt and un-directed experiences. We need to “Empower Through” and learn to live!

Week 3:  Defining your Story,   Establishing your Brand:   If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process – you don’t really know what you are doing!

Week 4:   Putting It All Together to Show Your Authority:    Learn to be a product of your product! What are you trying to accomplish? Your attitude is your filter to what you are going to receive. Do you know what goes on around you? Have you ever felt like you were being left behind?

I have been on a journey and want to bring you along to see how it can help you! Finding new growth within helps you know who you are and where you are going in life. Let’s begin Empowering Through and see where it can take us.

My name is Sandy Mangis. With the milestone of turning 55 and my full-time job starting to make me crazy, I needed a change. A BIG change. Something I could call my own. I needed to SEE again.

I needed something completely different than anything I had ever done before. I found a new mindset that helped me grow from the inside out. It helped me release my inner self and find the true being that I am. It gave me a purpose to stand tall, strong and know that I can make a difference!

Do you see yourself there? Do you need more? Let me help you Empower Through and know where you are going!

There is always some sort of product out there for people, whether it is informational, educational or physical. But to succeed, we need to find the best way for you to share.

I teach others how to have transformation in their lives and provide teaching of personal development, mindset, marketing, socializing, and most importantly, communicating. I strive to help others find their own voice in this world. Life is about new growth and knowing where you are going.

Let’s Empower Through and See Where You Will Go

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Does the idea of having new mindset and growth actually working FOR you and not against you sound appealing?

It would be an honor to have you join and empower through your journey.

Not Sure?   It can be a big decision!

Everyone is in a different place in life and it can be a big and scary thing when you think of change.

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Empower Through to New Growth