April 12, 2019

Checklist for Family Caregivers

Checklist for Family Caregivers

Being organized is one thing, but when we can take the stress off living it can make a world of difference.   When you put in the time to get these done, then you can just enjoy every minute you have. Gather and share your memories for they will last a lifetime, don’t be bogged down and have your time ruined playing catch up.

Before (things you need before your loved one is incapable of helping you with)

  • Power of Attorney forms
  • Wills
  • Beneficiaries on everything
  • Life Insurance
  • Bank Accounts
  • Disability Insurance
  • Apply for long term care insurance
  • Apply for Social Security Disability
  • Ask for Palliative care
  • Vehicle Titles (put in JTWOS) and add other names on
  • Make sure you have dates for things like
    • Last day at work (If you are young, this is important for a spouse to keep the last paycheck for when they retire for survivorship purposes)
    • Dates for all doctor procedures (plus name and addresses for all)
  • Legal copies of marriage licenses and birth certificates
  • Plan your funeral (one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, but your loved ones will thank you for it)

After Passing Of A Loved One

  • Legal copies of Death certificates
  • File Claims for Life insurance
  • File Claims for any pensions (survivorship)
  • File Claims for survivorship benefits at Social Security
  • Find out if you need Probate or not (if you settle things before death, then you will not need this)
  • Cancel Unnecessary Home services
  • Cancel Prescriptions
  • Notify Credit Reporting agencies
  • Update automatic payments
  • Notify of passing
    • Employment
    • Mail that comes in.
    • Voters registration
    • Driver’s license
  • Check with bank and get name changes done (talk with a financial analyst for guidance, it can get overwhelming)
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