Life through a Glass Jar

Life Through A Glass Jar | Release and Live

Life through a glass jar can hold your future bright or dark. Start to release and live.  Living life through a glass jar will only get you stuck.   Have you ever wanted something that you thought you would never have? I’ll tell you a secret, we had an old glass jar in the corner of Read more about Life Through A Glass Jar | Release and Live[…]

Current Mindset Can Create Negativity

Signs that Mindset is Creating Negativity

Do you show the signs that your mindset is creating negativity in your life?  Learn these signs to help you move to the positive side. Mindset is an established set of attitudes held my someone.  In other words, mindset controls how you look at things around you and respond to them.  Without thinking we are Read more about Signs that Mindset is Creating Negativity[…]


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