Mindset matters how you perform through pain

Mindset Sets Up How To Perform at Their Tasks

Why does Mindset matter and how does it set you up to perform A person’s mindset sets up how to perform at their tasks or in their learning.   A study in 1988 by Dr Carol Dweck found that people who think about their own intelligence has a significant impact on their motivation, effort, and Read more about Mindset Sets Up How To Perform at Their Tasks[…]

Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity Takes Hard Work

Overcoming adversity takes hard work and if you create the right mindset you can smile through anything. Overcoming Adversity takes hard work and comes in many forms and people handle it all different.  Adversity can be more than just on difficulty or setback.   It can form a series of misfortunes that keep you from achieving Read more about Overcoming Adversity Takes Hard Work[…]

caregiver's focus

Discovering A Caregiver’s Focus One Piece at A Time

Discovering a caregivers focus can have many parts.  Finding the pieces will make it all come together. Just like putting a puzzle together, a caregivers focus is also discovered one piece at a time.  In other words, we need to find the edges first or we have no ground to move forward.  Let’s start with Read more about Discovering A Caregiver’s Focus One Piece at A Time[…]

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Stopping New Things

Comfort zone stopping new things? How is a comfort zone blocking you from being the best, getting through tough times, and handling the things you need to? What is a comfort zone and how is it stopping new things?  A psychological concept to embrace risk and make changes in your life.  Or an invisible barrier around Read more about Comfort Zone Stopping New Things[…]

self-improvement helps caregivers

Self-Improvement Helps Caregivers

Self-Improvement Helps Caregivers When one grows in self-improvement their care giving also improves.  Being a better person gives you the strength to deal with the day to day challenges. Therefore, self-improvement helps caregivers and is crucial in what we do.   As we start building it each and every day you will set yourself up Read more about Self-Improvement Helps Caregivers[…]

Enemies Coming From Inside

Mindset is Key To Defeat Enemies Inside

Mindset is the key to helping us defeat this. In other words, using mindset to destroy these before they defeat us, will give a better way to handle our days ahead.

Dealing with the Unknown

Tips to Expect When Expecting the Unknown

People like to be informed and know what to expect, but when dealing with the unknown how can you find happiness.   I find this question being ask of me all the time.  “How do you keep smiling through all that you go through?”.  And my answer after that is: “I have learned the mindset needed Read more about Tips to Expect When Expecting the Unknown[…]


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