Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Stopping New Things

Comfort zone stopping new things? How is a comfort zone blocking you from being the best, getting through tough times, and handling the things you need to? What is a comfort zone and how is it stopping new things?  A psychological concept to embrace risk and make changes in your life.  Or an invisible barrier around Read more about Comfort Zone Stopping New Things[…]

Self Care to Heal Grief

Self Care to Heal Grief | 5 Aspects To Go Through

Self care to heal grief is vital to moving forward.  It is important to develop a good plan.  As we go through the stages of what grief does, there are things we can do to heal. There are 5 aspects to grief and we create a balance for them through self care.  In other words  Read more about Self Care to Heal Grief | 5 Aspects To Go Through[…]

Communicate feelings to serve others

Communicating Feelings To Serve Others

Do you communicate feelings to serve others?  When we show our feelings and emotions, it can be either receptive or damaging. Many people are constantly trying to deny their feelings for fear that others will see their weakness or judge them as being irrational and aggressive. However, these are common misconceptions and can cause damage Read more about Communicating Feelings To Serve Others[…]

Care-giving VS Life

The Balancing Act of Care-giving vs Life

Is there a balancing act when it comes to care-giving and keeping a quality of life?  Let’s investigate things that can help you keep you from tipping over.   Care-giving can be a choice or a need.  However, it has come into your life and you still need to learn how to balance everything going Read more about The Balancing Act of Care-giving vs Life[…]


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