Life through a Glass Jar

Life Through A Glass Jar | Release and Live

Life through a glass jar can hold your future bright or dark. Start to release and live.  Living life through a glass jar will only get you stuck.   Have you ever wanted something that you thought you would never have? I’ll tell you a secret, we had an old glass jar in the corner of Read more about Life Through A Glass Jar | Release and Live[…]

Hustle and Long Days In Caring For Others

You don’t usually think of hustle and long days in caring for others.  You have the medical side in your mind instead. Keeping your long days filled will not overwhelm your hustle

Find Strength In Care-Giving

5 Ways to Find Strength in Care-giving

Finding strength in care-giving can take practice, especially if that is not the career that you chose. Caregivers come in all shapes and sizes and many different kinds of people.  Those who are there for you when you see the Doctor, and then the family members who need to take care of you when you Read more about 5 Ways to Find Strength in Care-giving[…]

Finding Peace with Care Giving

6 Ways to Improve Care-giving and Find Peace

Do you know there are ways to improve care-giving and find peace in what you do?  Knowing this helps when it’s not your choice to be the care-giver! Caretaking is stressful, how can you improve it and find a little peace along the way?  When caretaking has been put upon you by need not want, Read more about 6 Ways to Improve Care-giving and Find Peace[…]


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