Reflection Of A Smile To Show How You Feel

Reflection of a smile to show how you feel


We need to reflect what is good and release what is bad.  In other words the reflection of a smile will show how you feel.



Think about where you are in your life.  The “how”,”why” and “when”.  Are you having a bumpy time or a high-flying time?  Do you feel like you are running just ahead of the crumbling sidewalk, OR are you sailing through the water with ease?


“The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection” Thomas Paine


Let’s turn and see how we can reflect on your smile.




How do you start to find out what you need? I thought I knew until someone asked me that question. Hence, then I really didn’t know. So, I went looking for answers.


I learned how to start looking for my smile and happiness inside of me, pulling out certain things that “make me see what I am capable of doing?” and “What are my boundaries?”.  My point is, It really started to show my strengths.


Reflection of “The WHY”


Why is a question that starts to make our brain work?  For instance, when we ask that question, our brain goes into high gear and gives you answers. But these answers are only coming from your inner soul. If you only know certain things, then that is what your answer is going to be.


My inner thoughts always went back to the same thing. I didn’t know there could be more. I didn’t know that you could really achieve the impossible. It was just a matter of saying “Why not?” and “I Can!”


Learning how to turn your WHY into a true belief takes some channeling and discipline. It truly works when you have the right tools. We can work together on those.


Reflection“The When”


When are you going to get started?

When are you going to say, “This is my time!”

When are going to step out and step up onto your path for success?

When are you going to get off the couch?


Life passes us all by when we just sit and wait. The time is now! Change is now! In other words, when you want to change your why and change your how, then you need to take the action NOW. Change to the best life you can while you are still here.


Life is too short to not live it to the fullest potential. Stop living day by day and thinking that tomorrow will be better if you just make it to the weekend. With that, make yourself get up and learn how to show the world what you can do, and you will see the doors open wide in front of you.


“Life is ironic.  It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence “


How to see the reflection of a smile


Do you smile at yourself everyday?   That can be as hard or as easy as it sounds.  However to truly smile at yourself you need to know your true self.

Ways to know your true smile


Knowing your true smile requires commitment and then re-commitment  each and every moment.  Hence, once you get that down, smiling at your true self will become easier as each moment passes.

What this requires of you is to be completely honest with how you feel.  Communicating with your feelings and being aware of your thoughts and interactions with others.  This gives you a good understanding of who you are.

A great way to test yourself is to see how your day is going.  Are you open, at peace, expanding on your joy and freedom?  Or are you tense, uneasy and disconnected.  Having a bad day or feeling empty and alone?   These are signs we need to start to be aware of and then learn how to turn them around.

Risks of a smile gone bad


Not being honest with yourself could bring about risks. Yet those risks can be more harmful as you grow.  In other words risks of not smiling at yourself may keep you locked into the conventional way of thinking.  You may feel selfish, offensive or just unimportant.

Here are some other signs:

Worrying constantly about what people think

Your dreams seem silly and unreachable

You feel pulled in a million directions.

Turning your frown upside down


I have a saying that I see and say every day.  “I choose to be happy today”.  For instance, when you start the day with a smile things just go your way.


“How can I shine so the world knows who I am”!!!!!!  the reflection of a smile will show how you feel.


Smile and say: “Take things away for I don’t care ….  I AM still here!!!!”

Keep smiling


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