How To Smile at Yourself Everyday

How To Smile at Yourself Everyday

Do you smile at yourself everyday?   That can be as hard or as easy as it sounds.  However to truly smile at yourself you need to know your true self.

Know your true self

Knowing your true self requires commitment and then re-commitment  each and every moment.  Hence, once you get that down smiling at your true self will become easier as each moment passes.   

What this requires of you is to be completely honest with how you feel.  Communicating with your feelings and being aware of your thoughts and interactions with others.  This gives you a good understanding of who you are.    

A great way to test yourself is to see how your day is going.  Are you open, at peace, expanding on your joy and freedom?  Or are you tense, uneasy and disconnected.  Having a bad day or feeling empty and alone?   These are signs we need to start to be aware of and then learn how to turn them around.

Pay attention to your deep senses and feelings.  A great way to do that is to sit and listen to what your mind is telling you or writing it down in a journal and start seeing a pattern. 

Risks of not smiling at yourself

Being honest with yourself could bring about risks. Yet those risks can be more harmful as you grow.  In other words risks of not smiling at yourself may keep you locked into the conventional way of thinking.  You may feel selfish, offensive or just unimportant.   

Here are some other signs:

Worrying constantly about what people think

Your dreams seem silly and unreachable

You feel pulled in a million directions.

Turning your frown upside down

You want to smile at yourself more, you’re just trying too hard.   Here are some tips on how to get this gut feeling smoothed out and turn that frown into a smile.

  • Be who you are, your true self
  • Follow your own value system and common sense
  • Listen to the advice of others, but make up your own mind
  • Appreciate and develop your unique talents
  • Stand up for what you believe in and you will gain respect
  • Learn to trust your intuition.

I have a saying that I see and say every day.  “I choose to be happy today”.  For instance, when you start the day with a smile things just go your way.

How to smile at yourself requires you to give yourself permission to be YOU.  So go and love who you are and stop caring what others think, no one’s opinion matters but yours.  In the end you will be happier.

Keep smiling



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